Review: NuMe Lustrum 5 in 1 Curling Wand


For as much as I love makeup, I’m pretty much a beginner when it comes to anything hair related. I have super straight, super fine hair– and a lot of it. On any given day it pretty much does what it wants, and I just have to live with it. I distinctly remember getting my hair done for prom in high school, and my hair stylist handing me a bottle of extra-hold hair spray on my way out the door and saying, “You’re going to need this.”

I’ve tried to curl my hair on my own so many times, and it always turns out to be a disaster. On the rare occasion that I do get it to “cooperate,” it takes me well over two hours to complete and falls out an hour later. I’d pretty much resigned myself to straight hair. Hey, that’s not so bad, right? And it means my hair will be healthier because it’s not being heat styled all the time.

And then I tried the NuMe Lustrum curling wand.

Now, every YouTube beauty guru and their mother swears by this bad boy, but I wasn’t about to drop $250 on a product I wasn’t sure would work. Luckily, Victoria from In the Frow had a discount code on her blog a while back that dropped the price down to $99. If I was going to try it, I knew this was my chance.

A few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and ordered it online. I’m so glad I did. It’s so insanely easy. The curls are gorgeous and last forever. Keep reading if you’d like to know my thoughts.



The NuMe Lustrum is a 5-in-1, tourmaline infused curling wand that heats up to 410 degrees in a matter of seconds. (I learned that firsthand by accidentally burning myself the first time I tried it. I didn’t think that it would be hot that quickly, and my wrist brushed the barrel on the counter.)

Now, I’m not exactly up on hair science, but multiple sources claim that tourmaline infused curling irons help to seal moisture in the hair’s cuticle, leaving hair shinier and less damaged. I can’t tell you if that’s a bunch of bologna made up to sell you styling products or not, but I will tell you that my hair didn’t feel crispy and dry after using this wand, the way that it normally does after curling. (This could be because I didn’t need to leave my hair wrapped around the actual barrel for as long, either.)

It comes in the nifty carrying case you see above. I believe this packaging has changed, because I’ve seen other reviews where it comes in a rolled up case. The case is nice for transporting it, although, I feel like it would be a little big to pack in a suitcase– especially a carry on size.



Inside, the base for the curling iron and the five barrels are secured by elastic bands. A heat protectant glove is also included for the accident prone like myself. The five barrels include a 19 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, pearl and reverse, which can each be used to create a variety of looks.

The barrels simply click into the base, and you rotate the locking mechanism to keep it in place.



Using the wand was very simple. It took me a little while to get used to sectioning off my hair while wearing a glove, but once I got the hang of it I didn’t have any difficulty. (My hair is very slippery, and the glove has a satiny texture, so it was hard to hold my hair in between my fingers.)

The first time I tried the wand, I just wanted to test the water: I didn’t bother to put any product in my hair, and I just haphazardly wrapped 3 or 4 sections of my hair around the 32 mm barrel. It created beautiful “bombshell” waves like you’d see on the red carpet. Over the course of the night, I was certain the curls would fall out, but they didn’t!

And when I woke up in the morning, my curls were still there! Sure, they were a tad looser, but the sections I’d curled were still defined.

I had that day off from work (aka: I stayed in my PJs all day and didn’t have to look presentable) so I decided not to shower, to see how the curls would last. Sure enough– despite brushing through my curls with a paddle brush, they remained the entire day! (Previously, if I even thought about brushing through curled hair, the curls would simply fall out.)

I can’t tell you whether or not they lasted into the third day because I finally caved around 9:00 at night and had to take a shower. (I’m the type of person who has to wash my hair every day, or else my scalp turns into a grease pit and my bangs cling together. It’s not a pretty sight.)


I used the wand to curl my hair “for real” last weekend when my fiancé and I went out for my birthday. I used the 25 mm wand to create allover loose waves. The whole process took me 15 minutes– and that’s coming from someone with almost zero practice. I applied a heat protectant and a volumizing mousse to air dried hair before curling. Afterwards, I added a light (and I mean light) coat of hair spray, and the added a bit of texturizing spray to the roots.

Despite walking half a mile through a steady drizzle without an umbrella, my hair lasted all night, and was still beautifully curled the next morning when I woke up. My hair did feel a bit… off… in the morning. I’m not sure whether it was dried out from the heat of the curling iron, or a feeling of built up product, but I simply used a deep conditioner in the shower, and applied a touch of argan oil to the ends before blow drying, and it was back to it’s usual shiny self.

I have only one negative thing to say about this product: I wish it had a “kickstand.” You know how some curling wands have those little clips at the base to help prop it up on your counter? This wand doesn’t have one, and there were a few times where I set it down and it began rolling away. Which, at the end of the day isn’t a huge deal– just something that would be nice.

I’m so incredibly happy with this set from NuMe. It works better than I could have possibly imagined. Do I think I’d be willing to pay the full $250 price tag for it? Probably not, since I don’t curl my hair very often. But I do feel like the money I did pay was money well spent.

I’m excited to start trying out some of the other barrels to see what sort of effects I can achieve!