L’Oréal La Palette Nude 1 & 2 | Drugstore Dupes for the Naked Palette?


Last week, I popped into the CVS across from my office to grab some essentials, and somehow, I found myself browsing the makeup aisle. (Funny how that happens?)

These two palettes from L’Oreal immediately caught my eye, and I thought I’d test them out for you guys.  Upon first inspection, they seemed like they could be good drugstore alternatives to the Naked palettes. Urban Decay is owned by L’Oréal, so it would make sense that the company would try to release a similar product at a cheaper price point.

After playing around with these two for a bit, here’s my opinion.



The L’Oréal La Palette Nude 1 and 2 both come in sleek black plastic packaging. A dual ended brush/sponge-tip applicator (pictured above) is enclosed, along with a decent sized mirror.  Each palette contains 10 colors. While La Palette Nude 1 contains mostly warmer shades (golds, browns and bronzes), La Palette Nude 2 falls more in the pinky-purple range.

La Palette Nude 1




This palette contains seven shimmer/metallic shades and three matte shades, which is a great mix for a drugstore palette. I’d say that the highlight of this palette is the beautiful rose gold shade you see, second from the left.

La Palette Nude 2




With only three shimmer shades, La Palette Nude 2 is a lot more matte-heavy than La Palette Nude 1. While some might consider that a good thing, especially in high end eyeshadow palettes, I found these to be typical of drugstore matte shades: patchy, with low color payoff.

I also noticed that a lot of the shades in the middle of the pan look very similar to one another. If you’re only going to buy one of these, palettes, I’d skip La Nude 2. Between the quality of the matte formulas and the lack of color variety, it’s  not worth it in my book.


I created the above look using La Palette Nude 1. You can see that the overall look was quite wearable, though some of the darker colors got a bit muddy in the outer corner.

In general,  think that these palettes are best suited for makeup beginners, and budget beauty lovers. I have the bad habit of comparing all eyeshadows to formulas Urban Decay, Clinique, or the like. But in reality, that’s not a fair assessment.

While L’Oréal has never been my favorite drugstore eyeshadow formula (except for the Infallible range, which is incredible), these eyeshadows are definitely workable. The palettes are pretty much what you’d expect from the drugstore. The shimmer shades have decent pigmentation, but beware that many of them are very, very shimmery– bordering on glittery (especially the lightest shade in each of the palettes). While the matte shades swatch nicely, I did have to go back into the  pan multiple times to achieve the color intensity I wanted. All of them blend fairly well, though some take more effort than others.

On the plus side, the shadows lasted me all day with a primer, and I didn’t notice any creasing or fallout. There is a good mix of colors and finishes in these palettes, and you get a nice amount of product for the price. (L’Oréal products are often buy one, get one 50% off, too, so keep an eye out for a bargain!)

So, are they dupes for the naked palette?

Well… not quite.

Some of the warm colors in La Nude 1 are similar to the Naked 1, but it’s definitely not a shade-for-shade match. And while La Nude 2 is full of pinky/purpley tones, it’s really nothing like the Naked 3 palette. Could you achieve similar looks? Yeah, probably. But they’re definitely not identical.

Should you buy it?

I’d  say that these palettes are best suited for beginners, and people on a budget– especially high school and college students. (Though, I feel the need to reiterate the fact that there are much better drugstore formulas out there.)  What makes this palette “worth it,” is the convenience provided by being able to create such a wide variety of looks with one palette.

However, if you’re looking for better quality, or if you’re willing to spend just a tiny bit more, I’d probably skip these. Even if you’re not ready to spend $54 on a Naked palette, Too Faced and Clinique have some great options that are only a little bit more than these L’Oréal palettes.

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think? What are your budget alternatives to high end eyeshadow palettes?