24 Thoughts While Preparing for the GRE

GRE Materials

  1. Okay, let’s do this. Buy all the test-prep books!
  2. Wow, these are expensive…
  3. I’ll study tomorrow.
  4. Or maybe the day after.
  5. Crap… I’m running out of time. I really need to sign up for a test date.
  6. What do you mean it’s $190? Do you know how much makeup I could buy for $190?!
  7. Time to study. No, seriously this time.
  8. God, math is awful… did I really know all of this at one point?
  9. Why didn’t I just take this test after high school? Pretty sure I would have done better.
  10. What the hell are you supposed to do with a negative exponent in the denominator of a fraction? Is that even legal?
  11. Maybe vocab will be better…
  12. Garrulous? Really? Who even uses that word? And nadir? When is that going to be useful?
  13. Maybe I’m not cut out for grad-school.
  14. I’m never going to accomplish anything in life!
  15. No. Stop it. Thousands of people have taken this test before me. I’m at least as smart as some of them.
  16. I’ve got this!
  17. *Looks at Math Problem*
  18. I don’t got this…
  19. There’s no way a Master’s Degree is worth this much pain.
  20. God, the test is getting closer… if I do 30 practice problems a night I can cover all the material in time…
  21. I don’t have time for this. Maybe 10 practice problems a night?
  22. Man, I haven’t seen my friends in weeks… I have no idea what’s happening in the real world. Our planet could have been invaded by aliens, and I’d still be here calculating the area of isosceles triangles.
  23. I literally can’t fit any more information in my brain.
  24. This is it. I either know it or I don’t. Nothing I can do about it anymore.

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately… It’s been all-GRE, all the time. But the test is done, and I’m happy with my scores! I’m looking forward to using my newly rediscovered free time on the blog! I hope you’re doing well! (And good luck to any of you studying for the GRE!)