The Ultimate Guide to MAC’s Pinky-Nude Lipsticks


Confession: I am a lipstick hoarder. That probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many of you, but it’s true. I love lipstick. Maybe more than any other beauty product. You can change up your entire look with a single product. In my hoard collection, two colors dominate: reds, and pinky-nudes. This post includes a small selection of the latter.

Over the past year or so, I have amassed quite a few MAC lipsticks. Their shade range is incredible, and they have a number of formulas so you can select just the right color and finish. For those of you looking for something specific, I thought I’d do one giant swatch-post.

Please forgive some of the sloppy swatches in this post— there are 22 lipsticks in all, and by the end of this photo session, my lips were quite irritated. Additionally, for the sake of keeping this post (reasonably) short, I won’t expand on all the finishes MAC offers, but a decent summary can be found here.


You’ll notice that I used the term “pinky nude” quite liberally. I tried to include any of the lipsticks from my collection that might fall into that category. (And maybe a few that don’t…)


This first batch includes the lightest shades in my collection. Some of these are not the most flattering on me. I find that with my fair skin and dark features, I can look a bit sick with a “true nude” lip.


MAC Myth (satin): Described by MAC as a “light neutral nude.”

With my complexion, I find that this lipstick is the definition of “concealer lips.” I only reach for this shade when I need to tone down some of the natural pigment in my lips before applying a different color.


MAC Japanese Maple (cremesheen): Described by MAC as a “frosted light beige.”

Despite the pale color, the cremesheen texture of this lipstick makes it slightly more forgiving than Myth. It leans ever-so-slightly peach on my skin.


MAC Pure Zen (cremesheen): Described by MAC as a “frosted warm nude.”

This shade is very similar to Japanese Maple, but a bit more pink.


MAC Shy Girl (cremesheen): Described by MAC as a “creamy neutral, coral beige.”

I think I always underestimate how much I like this lipstick. It doesn’t look all that exciting in the bullet, but it’s a nice, muted color that pairs with just about any look. Usually, I struggle with the more peachy tones, but this one is a keeper in my book.


MAC Hue (glaze): Described by MAC as a “soft pale pink.”

MAC’s glaze lipsticks have very little pigmentation, and this one is no exception. I find that this shade enhances my natural lip color without adding additional pigment.



MAC Kinda Sexy (matte): Described by MAC as a “neutral, pinky-rose.”

You wouldn’t think a matte, nude lip would be flattering, but I actually kind of love this lipstick. The slight-rose hue makes it very wearable for us pale girls. (But deeper skinned girls should probably steer clear.) This shade is probably as light as I’m comfortable going.


MAC Honeylove (matte): Described by MAC as a “light beige, toned with rose.”

This color didn’t photograph terribly, but in real life this is not a flattering shade for me. Based on the swatches, you wouldn’t think it was all that different from “Kinda Sexy,” but that extra bit of brown makes me look ill. I’d imagine this color is more flattering on girls with lighter hair and/or cooler skin tones.


MAC Blankety (amplified): Described by MAC as a, “soft pink beige.”

This shade is a little lighter than I’m comfortable wearing alone, but works great to tone down brighter lipsticks.


MAC Half ‘n Half (amplified): Described by MAC as a, “creamy pink.”

I’m not so sure about the description on this one. To me, this lipstick reads more brown than pink. Still very wearable and would probably work well as a true nude on deeper skin tones.


MAC Hug Me (Lustre): Described by MAC as a, “fleshy pink.”

Oh, I love this shade. It’s the perfect balance between my natural lip color and a warm brown. It’s the perfect lipstick if you want a little something extra without going too over-the-top.



MAC Creme Cup (cremesheen): Described by MAC as a, “light blue pink.”

This was my first-ever MAC lipstick. It’s the quintessential baby pink lipstick, and is pretty much a staple of my spring makeup routine. Very cool-toned.


MAC Patisserie (lustre): Described by MAC as a, “sheer, creamy neutral pink.”

This is a great every day shade, and the lustre finish makes it easy to apply without a mirror. I think this shade is probably the closest to my natural lip color.


MAC Peach Blossom (cremesheen): Described by MAC as a, “frosted cool nude.”

Another great shade for everyday, Peach Blossom is one of my go-to lipsticks for days when I’m not sure what to wear. It’s very similar to Patisserie, but with a bit more pigment and ever-so-slightly cooler.


MAC Cosmo (amplified): Described by MAC as a “pink coco.”

Hands down, this is my current favorite MAC lipstick. In real life, it’s not quite as dark as it’s reading in the photo above. It’s like someone took my natural lip color and bumped up the saturation juuust past the point of believability. And since it’s one of MAC’s amplified lipsticks, it’s relatively long lasting! Definitely a strong contender for my wedding lipstick…


MAC Fanfare (cremesheen): Described by MAC as a, “mid-tone yellow pink.”

This lipstick isn’t so much “pinky-nude” as it is straight up pink. When I bought this shade, I wanted it to be what Cosmo is. It’s a beautiful shade, but I don’t get as much use out of it as I probably could. Usually, I run into the problem that  it’s either too pink for a natural look, or not pink enough for a bold lip.


*Note that I included a swatch of Cosmo in this batch as well as the last one. I wanted to highlight the fact that it’s not nearly as deep as some of the shades in this last group.


MAC Velvet Teddy (matte): Described by MAC as a “deep tone beige.”

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, this is one of those MAC shades that has become incredibly popular. It definitely has more brown than some of the other shades in this set, and would make a nice nude lip for someone with a deep skin tone.


MAC Syrup (lustre): Described by Mac as a “cloudy pink.”

Syrup is such an interesting color. Look at 10 different swatch photos and it will look like 10 different colors. It has a cool, mauve-y undertone, but the lustre finish means that it’s not strongly pigmented. In the above photo it appears quite berry-toned, but I’ve seen it pull more red or more brown depending on what I’m wearing on a given day. (I’m not sure why, but it reminds me of Clinique’s “Black Honey” lipstick in that it looks a little different on everyone who wears it.) In general, I love this as a fun, every day lipstick in the fall.


MAC Brave (satin): Described by MAC as a, “pink-beige with white pearl.”

These next three lipsticks are all quite similar. Of the three, this one is the most “mauve-y” in color.


MAC Mehr (matte): Described by MAC as a “dirty blue pink.”

This shade is quite similar to Brave, but with a bit more pink. (I tend to favor this one.)


MAC Twig (satin): Described by MAC as a, “soft, muted brownish-pink.”

As I mentioned, this shade is comparable to the last two, though it is leans the most brown of the three. It is also the deepest.


MAC Creme in Your Coffee (cremesheen): Described by MAC as a, “creamy mid-tone brown pink.”

Not going to lie, I bought this lipstick purely because of the name. And when I wear it, I feel a bit like Monica from “Friends.” This is the deepest lipstick in this post, and probably doesn’t fall into the “pinky-nude” category, but I figured I’d include it anyways.

Whew! I think that’s it! If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I hope this post was helpful to those of you who are searching for the perfect MAC lipstick.

Hope you’re all doing wonderfully, and I’ll talk to you again soon!