ColourPop Lippie Stix: Swatches and Review


I hope you’re not sick of seeing photos of my lips (though, it’d be entirely justifiable after my recent post on MAC lipsticks) because I’m coming at you with some swatches and a review of ColourPop’s Lippie Stix. This brand has been gaining ground fast on the interwebs, and with good reason! Not only are their products incredibly affordable, but they’re brilliantly formulated and come in an amazing range of colors.

One of ColourPop’s most raved-about products are their Lippie Stix, highly-pigmented twist-up lip pencils in a variety of finishes. At just $5 a piece, I couldn’t resist the urge to pick up a handful to review for you. And if I didn’t have enough to rave about, all of ColourPop’s Lippie Stix come with coordinating lip liners (also $5). Not all are exact color matches, but they are intended to complement one another and be worn together. I’ve included swatches of the lip liners when I have them.


Colourpop’s Lippie Stix come in a twist-up pencil format that makes application really easy. The tip is smaller than your average lipstick and slightly tapered at the end, which makes precision application quite easy. They come in a sleek white tube with “Colourpop” embossed in cute silver writing down the side.

The color found on the end of the pencil corresponds to the color of the product inside, although I find that some are too-similar to tell apart in the tube. (This is a similar issue with the liners.) Because the color names are printed on stickers, I also do worry about keeping my lippie-stix in a purse or makeup bag long-term, for fear that the label will fall off. However, for $5, packaging isn’t that big of an issue for me.


The Lippie-Stix come in at least 6 or 7 finishes. From matte to “hyper-glossy” and everything in between. Most of the ones I purchased were either matte or satin, so I don’t necessarily feel qualified to speak to the others.

The first thing I notice when applying Lippie-Stix, is just how comfortable it is on the lips. In general they felt much more like a lip balm than a lipstick, with that slightly thick, nourishing feel that’s easy to wear all day. The satin shades were slightly more forgiving to dry, chapped lips, though, I recommend giving your lips a good scrub before applying either. Finally, it’s worth noting that the matte shades are not a true, flat matte like you see in some lipstick formulas. It’s more of a “modern matte” with just a touch of lifelike shine. You’ll see this in the swatch photos below.


Colourpop’s Lippie Stix come in a variety of finishes, and not all are created equal. As I mentioned, I own mostly matte and satin finishes. The matte ones definitely last the longest (~5-6 hours without eating), though the satin ones can hold their own. The one creme finish I own (Choker) seemed to wear off pretty quickly, but it’s also the lightest shade I own.

Some of the deeper shades definitely stain my lips, so take precautions if you plan to wear a lighter color the next day!


Now on to the fun part! Here are a handful of swatches of the colors I own. The ones marked with an asterisk (*) were a part of the Fall 2015 “Back to Cool” collection and may not be available for individual purchase.

And just to give you an idea of what we’re working with, here’s a shot of my bare lips and their natural color. (Also, please forgive any sloppy swatches…Applying and removing 16 different lip colors in one sitting is not the kindest thing one can do for their lips.) 




Choker* (Creme): Light cool-toned beige

This was one of the colors included in the Fall 2015 collection I first purchased. Definitely not a color I would select on my own, but I wanted to get a feel for the range. In general, a bit too “concealer lips” for my taste, especially since in person, my natural lip color pokes through a bit too much.


Mosh Pit* (Matte): Mid-tone warm brown

If you’re afraid of brown lipsticks but want to jump on the 90’s revival bandwagon (*raises hand*) this is a good starter shade.



Cake (Satin): Bright pastel peachy pink

This shade is bright! (For some reason it reminds me of the Peeps candy you get at Easter?) Looking forward to wearing this shade next spring and summer. Also note that the coordinating liner is a bit darker than the actual Lippie.



Button (Satin): Pale creamy peach nude

I’m not sure how I feel about this shade. I often struggle to pull off peachy-coral shades, so on its own (shown in the photo) the color just isn’t quite right for my skin tone. However, when worn on top of the liner, which has quite a bit more brown, it reads as more of a “my lips but better” color, which is nice.



Frida (Satin): Warm mid tone nude pink

This is definitely a Jackie color. It’s that type of pink that’s just slightly too saturated to be believable. I think it brightens up my face and is the perfect shade for every day. (Note that the liner and the Lippie on this one are the same shade, so no real need to purchase both.)



Brink (Matte): Warm dusty taupe

Compared to Frida, this is a bit more brown and a bit less pink. It’s not quite as apricot-y as it’s pulling on camera.



Oh Snap (Matte): Pale dirty nude pink

I don’t know what I was expecting based on the description, but this is a lot paler than I thought it would be. I can’t really pull off pale matte nudes, so this one isn’t really my cup of tea.


Baewatch* (Matte): Dusty rose

So, despite the awful swatch job, this is a gorgeous color. It’s definitely one of my favorites for fall! It’s the perfect, bright berry shade this time of year and I can’t get enough. (Then again, maybe that’s because I wore it last month at the Renaissance Festival, and a”knight” told me I was “the most ravishing maiden he’d ever laid eyes on.”) However, negative points for the use of the word “bae.”


Out of Sync* (Matte): Bright blue fuschia

How’s that for a bright lipstick? It’s kind of obnoxious, but I kind of love it!



Fetch (Satin): Mid-tone warm true pink

This is a pretty standard “Barbie pink.” I feel like I have a lot of shades like this in my collection, despite the fact that it’s not something I reach for frequently.


Frenchie (Matte): Bright warm neon red

This is a gorgeous, slightly orange-toned red. It’s exactly what you think it would be when you hear its name.


Bossy (Matte): Classic blue red

I consider this a true red. I have a few shades like this in my collection (MAC Ruby Woo and Rimmel Lasting Finish #1 come to mind) but this is definitely the most comfortable.


TGIF* (Matte): True brick red

As you might expect with the description, this is a bit deeper than Bossy, and has a slightly brown, “brick red” hue.


Bichette (Matte): Deep red wine

This shade is very similar to TGIF with a bit more red and a bit less brown.


Too Sexy* (Matte): Deep red violet with a subtle blue flash

I’m always just a little scared of purple lipsticks, but this makes me feel like I can pull it off. It has enough pink in it that it becomes wearable for every day.



Dalia (Matte): Deep warm burgundy wine

This is a great shade for those looking to go deep and vampy without going goth. It has the perfect amount of red to balance its depth. This shade does migrate a bit, so I recommend purchasing the liner.

There you have it! Overall, I’m quite impressed with ColourPop’s Lippie Stix! The formula is super comfortable, and surprisingly long-lasting for the price. As long as you find shades that suit your fancy (which shouldn’t be hard when you see just how many they carry!) they’re a great, no-hassle lip product for every day!

Thanks as always for reading! Be sure to let me know which shades you’ve been trying from ColourPop in the comments. Until next time!