Currently Loving: Bite Beauty

Every once in a while, there’s a brand that just gets everything right. Even if their product range isn’t expansive, it’s exceptional—a quality over quantity philosophy, if you will. That’s how I feel about the Bite Beauty brand.

Their collection isn’t large, in fact, they only make lip products. But they’re SO. GOOD. Every single one of them. Handmade, with simple ingredients, and stunning, saturated color, their products are well-worth their price tag. Their whole philosophy is that the ingredients used in a lipstick should be “good enough to eat,” and so they formulate all their products with food-grade, quality ingredients. (Not that I recommend eating your lipstick…) I’ve tried a handful of items from Bite, but I wanted to share two of my favorite products with you: their Luminous Crème Lipsticks and their Matte Crème Lip Crayons.

Today’s post comes at the request of Annie from Annie’s Beauty Blog. If you’ve never checked her out, she’s an adorable Romanian girl with a seriously stunning makeup collection! Go ahead and give her blog some love, and tell her I sent you!

And now, on to the gush-fest!


Nowadays, there are a lot of lipsticks that claim, “one-swipe color.” But few do it as well as Bite’s Luminous Crème lipsticks. They’re creamy and nourishing on the lips, and never leave them feeling dry or dehydrated. They have a lightly sweet smell that reminds me of fruity pebbles! These have a cream finish, so they remain slightly glossy on your lips, but that doesn’t meant they’re not long lasting. I can usually get a solid 5-6 hours of wear from them—longer if I’m careful!

My favorite part of Bite’s lipsticks has got to be their packaging. Each one has a different cap, meant to look like the various ways we wear down our lipsticks. How clever is that? They enclosed in a slightly rubberized tube (think: Nars packaging) with a magnetic closure.


If you prefer a matte finish on your lips, then Bite’s Matte Crème Lip Crayons are for you. They come in a handy, retractable pencil with a built-in sharpener at the end, making them one of my favorite products for on the go. Despite their matte formula, I don’t find this product uncomfortable or drying in the slightest. On my lips, they last about the same amount of time as the Luminous Crème Lipsticks (5-6 hours) although, the color is more prone to breaking down when eating.


I didn’t have the time to do a full set of lip-swatches, but the above-photo should give you a sense of their color.

Luminous Crème Lipsticks

  • Tannin: a poppy red
    I disagree with the official Bite description of this lipstick. Typically, I consider “poppy” reds to be bright, with a bit of orange. This is much more of a true, mid-tone red. (If you’ve ever tried the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in number 01, this is very similar.)
  • Pepper: a dusty rose
    A great “my lips but better” color, Pepper is a slightly browny-pink. Very natural looking on the lips!
  • Fig: a nude rose
    This is just a touch pinker thank Pepper.
  • Vidal: a raspberry pink
    This is a fun, bright pink color, perfect for a girl’s night out!
  • Violet: a magenta violet
    Remember when “radiant orchid” was Pantone’s color of the year? This is it in lipstick form. (Very similar to Chanel Rouge Allure in Rayonnate, Maybelline Color Sensational in Orchid Ecstasy, and Revlon Ultra HD in HD Orchid.)

Matte Crème Lip Crayons

  • Glacé: a dusty mauve
    My soul dies a little every time I describe something as a Kylie Jenner lip color, but it is what it is. This is that grayish-pink color that’s been super popular this year.
  • Léché: a dusty pale pink
    A little lighter and a little warmer than Glacé, this one is pretty close to my natural lip color.
  • Sucré: a warm pink
    Warmer and redder than my Luminous Crème Lipstick in Vidal, above.

Whether it’s a creamy, comfortable lipstick, or a matte pencil that’s perfect for on the go, I cannot recommend either of these products highly enough. Let me know which Bite products you own, and if there are any additional shades I should be trying out!

‘Til next time! Thanks for reading.