Travel Diary: Seattle

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! I recently went on a trip to Seattle with my friend, Anna, and it’s been a complete whirlwind since I returned. I’d planned to post this just a few days after my trip, but unfortunately I came down with a nasty case of the stomach flu! Luckily (?) Winter Storm Jonas shut down the east coast, and I’ve had the past few days to recover in the comfort of my own home. Now that I’m feeling better, I wanted to share some photos from our trip! (Side note: besides being one of my very best friends, Anna is one of the biggest supporters of this blog. Hi Anna!)

This was my first time booking a vacation “just because.” I’ve gone on family trips and school trips, but I’ve never gotten to just pick a destination, hop on a plane, and go. We had such a great time together, and I can’t wait to do it again!

My aunt and uncle were generous enough to offer their houseboat on Lake Union for our stay. It was a great, central location for exploring the rest of the city, and it was amazing waking up right on the water every morning!



Thursday morning, I went to visit the University of Washington. I’m applying to a Master’s program there, and wanted to get a feel for the school. I’ll admit that I was a little overwhelmed by its size—my campus for undergraduate was much smaller—but it had such a great vibe and everyone was so friendly!  I can only imagine how stunning things look in spring when the flowers are in bloom.





After touring the campus, Anna and I went to dinner at Momiji, where we gorged ourselves on sushi and dumplings.

The next morning, Anna and I woke up early and headed to Pike’s Place Market—easily one of my favorite places in the city. I’m always a sucker for an open-air market, but, Pike’s is unlike any other. And all the fresh seafood acted as a great reminder for the city’s connection to the ocean! We even befriended a fishmonger from Wisconsin (where Anna and I are both from)!







After Pike’s Place, Anna and I headed downtown to Sephora! I’ll share all the details from that part of a trip in an upcoming haul post, but we definitely enjoyed ourselves!

Afterwards, we headed to Uwajimaya, a massive Asian market located in Chinatown. I’m 1/4 Japanese, and spent my early years living in Hawaii, which has a lot of Asian culinary and cultural influences. We bought a huge assortment of food, and had a regular feast of sushi, char siu bao, spam musubi, and shumai. It made me so nostalgic for my Grandma’s cooking, and visiting my family in Hawaii. After dinner, we curled up in front of the fireplace, drank some red wine, and watched girly movies. Pretty much perfect in my book!

On Saturday morning, we caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island. It rained most of the day, so we ducked in and out of shops to stay dry. I had to refrain from buying all of the ocean-themed decor they sold in the gift shops. If I end up moving to Seattle, I’m going to be taking my seaworthy décor to a whole ‘nother level.

We were driving around the island shortly before sunset when we came across the beach at Fay Bainbridge Park. Even though it was cold and rainy, we spent a long time walking along the water, looking at seashells, and watching the sunset.

After catching the ferry back to the mainland, Anna and I went to dinner at Taylor Oyster Bar in Queen Anne. Eating at Taylor was definitely a major item on my bucket list. I did my senior capstone on oyster restoration in New York Harbor, and ever since, I’ve had a huge interest in sustainable oyster farming all over the country. The folks at Taylor are doing great things for the Pacific Northwest, and I was happy to experience it firsthand.




IMG_2603If I end up moving to Seattle, I’m going to need a different rain jacket…








IMG_2617Some of these oysters were the same size as the palm of my hand! They were huge!!!

Sunday was our last day in Seattle. Anna and I went to breakfast at Honoré, a bakery that she’d heard a lot about. On Anna’s recommendation, I chose the vanilla bean citrus tarte, and I’m so glad I did, because it was seriously one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten in my life. This recipe looks similar, and I’m dying to try making it for myself!

Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we headed to Discovery Park to wander in the woods. Unfortunately, it started raining pretty hard, and we decided we needed to head indoors. We headed for Ballard, Freemont and Wallingford—three neighborhoods near the university. Anna and I avoided by the rain by checking out the local shops. The highlight of the afternoon was probably the Freemont Troll, a giant sculpture underneath one of the area’s many bridges. For dinner, we went to Café Lago, a delicious Italian Restaurant where they hand-make the pasta. It was definitely the perfect finalé to a trip filled with all sorts of yummy food!







I had so much fun with Anna on this trip! She and I live so far apart—it was nice to get to spend some quality time with one another! 2016 is shaping up to be a busy year, but after this trip, I can officially say it’s off to a great start!