Getting Back on the Horse

It’s been a long year. (9 months?)

As someone who’s always succeeded in school— always enjoyed school, I never could have imagined that I’d find graduate school as challenging as I have. This past year has knocked me on my butt, run me over with an 18-wheeler, and left me on the side of the road wondering how on earth I wound up here.

I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on maintaining balance or spending time doing the things that make me happy. Most of my energy has been expended just trying to keep my head above water in my classes. I’ve lost a lot of things that used to make me happy— hobbies like photography, baking and makeup. And I’ve decided that it’s time to change that.

I’ve decided to start blogging again. I’m not entirely sure of the direction of my content or how often I’ll be able to post. But I miss writing and sharing what’s on my mind with a community of likeminded people. So, I’m going to give this another go.

When I created Tea & Sea, it was primarily a beauty blog. While I’ll always be a makeup lover, graduate school has left me without a lot of time or money to spend on a zillion different products. Beauty will always be a part of this blog, but I’m planning to start sharing some other sides of my life too.

So here’s to new beginnings and to finding space in your life to do more of what that make you happy. Until next time!