Four Highlights Since I’ve Been Away

I’ve recently returned to blogging after a (not so) brief hiatus. This break occurred during a particularly busy period in my life. There’ve been lots of changes, so I thought I’d fill you in on the important stuff.

I got married!

Photo: geneoh photography

In July, Dave and I finally tied the knot on my family’s property in Central Wisconsin. It feels a little odd to be writing about it on the blog 10 months after the fact, but I felt it was worthy of sharing. The day itself was absolutely perfect. There are far too many details to try and fit into this short update, but perhaps I’ll try and post a wedding recap near our anniversary.

I started graduate school!

In August after our wedding, I started a full-time Master’s program at Duke University. I’m working on a degree in environmental management with a focus on ocean and coastal issues. It’s exciting to be completely immersed in a field that I’ve been passionate about for so long. The program itself has been incredibly challenging [see: my last two posts here and here] but I’m telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end.

I moved to North Carolina (twice)!

When I started school, we had to pack up our lives in Washington, DC and move to North Carolina. The first year of my program was spent in Durham, near Duke’s main campus. While our time there was short, Dave and I both really enjoyed exploring the city. However, we recently moved east to North Carolina’s coast for the second year of my program. (And by “recently,” I mean earlier this week. I’m currently typing this from a nearly-empty house because we haven’t finished moving our belongings from our old apartment.) There’s a nearby marine research lab where I’ll spend the second year of my program. While the town is quite small, I’m excited to spend a year living near the beach!


We adopted a dog!

Dave says that I started asking him for a dog way before I ever asked to get married. In January, he finally caved. We adopted a little beagle named Rodney from a local rescue. He is the love of our life and we’ve quickly become crazy dog parents. To the best of our knowledge, he’s about two years old, and he was a hunting dog who was separated from his pack. He’s got a lot of energy, but he’s a total sweetheart.

A lot has changed over the past nine months, but I’m excited to pick up where I left off with this blog. I can’t wait to document all of the new and exciting adventures that lie ahead.