Hi there! I’m Jackie. Welcome to Tea & Sea!

I’m a 20-something living in coastal North Carolina with my husband, Dave, and my beagle, Rodney. Currently, I’m a graduate student at Duke University working on a Master’s Degree in coastal environmental management. I absolutely love the ocean and everything in it.

Some other things I love? Earl Grey tea, baking brownies, red lipstick, photography, and naps.

Much like myself, this blog is a constant work in progress. Tea & Sea started as a way for me to share my love of all things beauty. Since then, it’s become a place for me to record bits and pieces from my life. I’m prone to sharing random thoughts, photos from my adventures, and even the occasional recipe. I’m so glad you’ll be joining me.

Want to drop me a line? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

All the products I mention are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.