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Quick Fix | How to Refresh Your Under Eye Concealer


We probably all have pet peeves when it comes to our makeup. Lipstick feathering around the edges, bottom-lash mascara giving you panda eyes, foundation that’s the wrong color… For me, it’s definitely dry, flaky under eye concealer that settles into my fine lines. (Sidenote: I’m only 24. Why on earth do I have fine lines? Yeesh.) There’s nothing worse than popping into the bathroom mid-afternoon to check on my hair and makeup and seeing that my under eye concealer looks cracked and dull. Rather than brightening my face and making me look more awake, I look tired, and quite frankly– old!

No matter how many under eye concealers I’ve tried, this is always an issue for me. Some are better than others, but there’s no escaping it. Piling on more product halfway through the day only seems to make the problem worse. So what’s a girl to do? I think I’ve found the answer.