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Four Highlights Since I’ve Been Away

I’ve recently returned to blogging after a (not so) brief hiatus. This break occurred during a particularly busy period in my life. There’ve been lots of changes, so I thought I’d fill you in on the important stuff.

Lessons from my Grandfather

Today’s post has been a difficult one.

I know that I typically write about lipstick, nail polish, and other seemingly frivolous things, but today I’d like to share something a little more personal. I’m the type of person who processes through writing—even if no one reads it. I feel better once I get everything on paper.

Last week, I lost my grandfather to a short, but brutal battle with lung cancer. I just returned from another trip to Chicago, where I spent my 24th birthday attending his funeral. Despite the bittersweet circumstances, it was nice to be around family and friends—many of whom I haven’t seen for several years. Even better was realizing how many people loved and cared about my grandpa.

He and I have always been close.