Cultivate 2019

Each year, I select a word to guide me through the upcoming 52 weeks. In the past, my words have focused solely on what I’d like to change or how I thought I should be. This year, my word is “cultivate.”

I still desire to grow and develop my skills, relationships, and sense of self. But just as a farmer selects seeds from his best crops to plant in the new year, I hope to focus on nurturing the good which already exists within me, too.

Rather than setting a single “New Year’s Resolution,” it is my goal to focus on one area each month. (This model was greatly influenced by Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project.) I’m still whittling down my focus areas for the year, but I will be documenting my journey here on Tea & Sea. Check back to see how I’m cultivate my best year yet.