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January: Mid-Month Check In

Earlier this week, we passed the halfway mark for January. This means that I’m a little over halfway through my health and wellness goals for the month. I figured it would be a good time to check in on how I’m doing. This month, I pledged to: Eat Clean: So far, this has been the easiest goal to stick to. I love to cook, and so even though I’ve removed a few items (temporarily) from my diet, it’s felt like a creative exercise rather than a challenge. It has required a bit more planning and organization to make sure that we have healthy snacks in the house, but realistically, Dave and I already wrote grocery lists together each week. This has helped to minimize our impulse buying in the snack aisle. One of the ways my dietary goals have differed from a true Whole30 or Paleo diet is that I’m doing my…

January Focus: Health & Wellness

This year, I’m shaking up my traditional “New Year’s Resolutions.” As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be choosing a different aspect of my life to focus on for each month of 2019. I tend to have an “instant gratification,” “all or nothing,” “if I fail once, what’s the use in trying?” attitude when it comes to these types of things, and so I’m hoping that implementing some structure in my goals will set me up for success. I can do anything for 30 days, right? And ideally, having a small area of focus each month will enable me to build healthy habits that will build on each other throughout the year. Like many people, one of my main goals in the new year is to be healthier. It’s cliche, but it’s true. Last year, I started off 2018 with a 28 day fitness program coupled with a not-quite-Paleo…